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      The GEOWAY GIS Data Processing System (GEOWAY) is an integrated environment for geographic information processing. It specializes on vector collection, data processing, map edting, map generalization and quality control. It also supports multi-source data processing and meets various application requirements.

        Integrated production processes

        GEOWAY provides a highly integrated platform to handle multi-source geospatial data, including raw data and orthophoto map, a variety of indoor and field data, and historical data as well. The software support data acquisition, information integration, quality checking and the export of results. Integrated processing and diverse applications can be realized based on auxiliary programs and rules support, customization,and intelligent process-oriented design.


        GeowayDLG - Fast and efficient data acquisition and editing
        GeowayDLG is a data acquisition and processing software with excellent pattern recognition technology. It supports fast vectorization with black and white, grayscale, indexed color, and true color images. The powerful advantage of rapid data acquisition is embodied in line tracking, additional tracking, attachment tracking, online editing, automatic extraction of houses, contour bulk assignments and other tools.

        Batch data editing

        As shown in a comparison table, this software effectively achieves automatic and batch classification. It also supports point/line identification, surface boundary extraction, annotation-property annotation transfer and other functions based on the characteristics of CAD data.

        Comprehensive quality check and batch processing
        The software provides a series of quality control checks and batch modification tools for better data quality control during data generation, greatly reducing the workload and improve data quality.

        Intelligent and automatic image mosaicing
        The software supports automatic mosaicing of multiple images. It can perform mosaic operation intelligently based on specific requirements, using attribute checking, edge range tolerance, straight-line or trend line mosaicing methods.

        Integrated database-mapping technology
        Integrated database-mapping allow users to generate a set of data output in the same production process, meeting the dual demands when building a GIS database and CAD drawings. The inetgrated data can be applied not only in different application scenatios (such as GIS analysis, map representation), but also conduct two-way loss-less exchange with other applications (such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MicroStation) .

        Model-based GIS data quality check technology
        For a wide range of GIS data, the GEOWAY Checker applies a rule-based quality inspection and evaluation model. It enables modeling definition and process customization for spatial data, improving the quality of data inspection and evaluation.

        Mature Map Publishing Technology
        GEOWAY EPS developed specifically for prepress data. Based on sophisticated spatial information processing technologies, such as storage and mapping,  GEOWAY EPS provides a shortcut from a GIS to the Desktop for a new mode of topographic map publishing.

        Scanning and Vectorization

        Scanning and Vectorization is one of the main ways to acquire the GIS data. For different terrain features, GeoScan iis a means for fast vectorization widely used for scanning traditional maps and remote sensing images, allowing rapid acquisition and updating of attributes.

        Vector data generation

        As professional software handling multi-source spatial data, Geoway supports the whole process of DLG data generation, including information integration, quality testing and map publishing. It can meet the requirements of different user levels, different industries and different applications. It is applied in basic surveying and mapping, large scale data management and other related fields.

        Map generation

        Cartography is one of the important spatial data applications. Geoway has changed the map generation process by providing a rapid map generation approach from database to map. Geoway also includes plug-in for Illustrator software, which generates prepress cartographic data (EPS) based on database, and support map publishing.

        Map generalization and updating

        Map generalization is widely used to get the data at different scales. It is particularly useful for rapid updating of large scale data in urban areas.

        GEOWAY GenenMap provides a set of map generalization processes with superior scalability and extensibility, enabling map generalization and updating at various scales and multiple data sources.

        Quality control

        Data quality directly affects the results of data applications throughout the data life cycle. Geoway provides a perfect quality control system, which applies to each aspect of data processing, including procedure data quality control, output evaluation and storage data quality control.  The versatility and scalability of Geoway Checker can meet a variety of GIS data inspection needs.

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