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      GEOWAY DPS (Provincial 1:10,000 Database Updating) is the next generation of digital photogrammetry software. Based on our own innovations, GEOWAY DPS focuses on data production, breaking through the limitations of digital photogrammetry technology by combining remote sensing and geographic information systems.

        GEOWAY DPS offers a whole set of functions, from stereo modeling to stereo data collection and editing, for aerial surveying. It makes data reuse and database updates more efficient through interaction with a variety of existing external data. Geoway DPS integrates image matching and vector data processing techniques, supporting the use of varied strategies for DSM matching and DEM editing.

        Fast and accurate  model processing techniques

        (1) Improves productivity with flow-guided operations.

        (2) Supports diverse data sources from various sensors (frame camera, aero linear array camera, aero areal array camera, satellite imagery and unmanned aerial vehicle imagery) and aerial triangulation products (PatB, JX4).

        (3) Meets orientation requirements by combing automatic and manual orientation, with synchronized precision control.

        (4)  Includes batch processing techniques.

        (5) Supports model subset and image pyramid creation.

        Professional project management

        (1) By applying operational programs, users can definite images layers, data coding, symbols, and attributes structure.

        (2) Mosaic operations for multiple images with graphics and property matching.

        Integrated surveying and editing techniques

        (1) Integrated data acquisition and editing. By synchronizing images and attributes editing on a stereo platform, it meets large-scale three-dimensional mapping needs.

        (2) Provides diverse mapping modes, including mouse/3D mouse and hand wheel mapping.

        (3) Incorporates rich and flexible data acquisition tools, to greatly improve mapping speed

        (4) Dynamic model loading, real-time image mosaicing.

        (5) Powerful attribute editing tools ensure consistency between graphics and attributes.

        (6) Dynamic 3D symbol display.

        (7) Compatible with a variety of data formats for integrity and accuracy of data conversion.

        Image scheduling and mapping technology

        (1) Multi-thread fast image scheduling strategy.

        (2) Sub-pixel mapping technology to improve mapping accuracy.

        (3) Mapping in object space avoids loss of accuracy caused by coordinate transformation between object space and image space.

        Integrated image interpretation techniques

        (1) Geoway DPS supports comprehensive use in 3D environments with multiple source data, and achieves seamless integration of indoor work and field work when temed up with Geoway field surveying software.

        (2) Existing interpretation products can be imported to project as background images to help with ground object editing and attribute registration.

        (3) Users can import existing data, such as historical DRG data, into a project as reference map.

        Data-oriented updating

        (1) Geoway DPS can operate underlying information in GIS databases, such as graphic information, attribute information and topology information. The updating can be performed on the basis of the information.

        (2) Geoway DPS can be used to restore three-dimensional information from the original DEM data.

        Professional DEM processing techniques

        (1) Geoway DPS integrates advanced algorithms for dense and feature matching to improve matching accuracy and efficiency.

        (2) Synchronous DEM and Contour editing in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode.

        (3) Effective TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network) editing based on vector features.

        (4) Real-time error checking for multiple images on a stereo platform, to achieve dynamic probing of gross errors in edge matching.

        Perfect quality control techniques

        Geoway DPS provides precision data quality control and batch processing functions. All intermediate data are checked to ensure overall data quality. Plentiful bulk editing tools allow improved error correction efficiency.

        GEOWAY DPS supports stereo model restoration, 3D mapping, DEM generation, and orthorectification for various sensor images.  It provides a stereo model restoration function for traditional film, digital photos, commercial high-resolution satellite imagery (wordview1 & 2, GeoEye1 & 2, IKONOS, QuickBird, etc.), moderate and low-resolution satellite imagery (SPOT5, RapidEye, etc.), Mapping Satellite imagery and ADS linear array data. GEOWAY DPS achieves integration of data collection and and 2D/3D editing and quality control,. Depending on data sources and terrain features, GEOWAY DPS offers complete adaptive solutions to improve production efficiency.

        Aerial triangulation

        ¨ Supports both aerial and satellite images.

        ¨ Our own innovative adjustment techniques.

        ¨ No strict limits on the size, shape and overlap of the survey area. It can handle data with a large drift angle.

        ¨ No requirement for the direction of flight, It can perform aerial triangulation processing directly without pre-processing such as image rotation.

        ¨ Intelligent distortion correction, it can handle distortion parameters from different types of unmanned aerial vehicles.

        ¨ Automatic matching algorithm fortie-points.

        ¨ High degree of automation, it requires no priori feature points and performs overlap matching automatically.

        ¨ Professional mathematical model and adjustment techniques Means that control points from the field can be effectively reduced fully using GPS data and IMUS data.

        ¨ Reliable adjustment precision, it includes flexible processes and configurable parameters

        ¨ Efficient processing speed.

        ¨ Transparent processing. Processing progress, efficiency, and accuracy are collected in real time.

        ¨ User-friendly interface.

        Stereo model restoration

        Based on the process-guided operation, Geoway DPS supports stereo model restoration for various sensor data.

        Stereo mapping

        ¨  Standardized operation mode for the layer schema.

        ¨  Professional and efficient graphical and attribute editing.

        ¨  Dynamic model loading and automatic model switching.

        ¨  3D symbolization.

        ¨  Batch editing tools.

        ¨  Supports local interpolation for contour data, secondary corrections, data management, annotation-property transfer.

        DEM data generation

        ¨  High-precision automatic matching techniques

        ¨  Interactive DEM editing techniques

        ¨  Batch DEM mosaic and subseting

        ¨  One-off edge matching for large overlap area

        ¨  Synchronized editing for DEM data and contour data

        Quality inspection

        ¨ Checks the orientation accuracy of the model. Checks planar and elevation error in oriented modeling.

        ¨ Checks for geometric error (suspension points, pseudo-node, self-intersection, two-line intersection).

        ¨  Checks accuracy (position and attribute accuracy).

        ¨  Checks spatial topology (point falling into face, point falling into line, line falling into the plane, line crossing the surface).

        ¨  Checks graphic-property consistency.

        ¨ Checks batch error correction (the elimination of suspension and pseudo-node, excluding common edge, etc.).

        (1) Survey and aerial mapping generation

        (2) Large scale mapping

        (3) DLG and DEM data generation and updating

        (4)Islandsand Islets surveys

        (5) 3D modeling of collected urban data

        (6) Resource surveys, environmental monitoring

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