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      GEOWAY eMapper

      GEOWAY eMapper system takes the fundamental geographic information as the main data source. It provides the whole set of solutions for generatingthe digital maps. By integrating various techniques, including entity construction, image processing, quality checking, and map publishing, the system can be used to generate frame data (entity, geocoding and image)and digital map.

        Fundamental geographic information database

        Frame data conversion system

        This system enables conversion and processing from thefundamental database to the frame database. Based on rule-driven data conversion, it is suitable for builing a preliminary database and subsequently performing updating tasks.

        Geographic entity processing system

        To manage the characteristics of entity data, the system adopts a sub-theme operation mode and supports batch entity building, which greatly improves production efficiency.

        Entity data checking software

        Based on the  Geoway common platform, customized quality checking tools are provided for frame data.

        Digital mapping generation system

        By adopting self-developed techniques and existing professional map publishing software (Adobe Illustrator), the system can achieve rapid mapping and tiling based on templates.

        Clustered Image Processing System

        The Clustered Image Processing System (CIPS) was built on the cluster computing platform, which suitable for rapid large scale DOM/DEM generation. . CIPS can also produce digital tiles rapidly based on its high-performance cluster computing platform.

        Production Scheduling System

        Tasks were reasonably assigned according tothe procedures and technical processof digital map generation. Tools for task scheduling and management were also provided accordingly.

        Digital Map Generation Flow


        ? Derived from general GEOWAY software suite, eMapper provides a complete set of technical supports from editing, mapping to quality checking

        ? Uses professional publishing and editing techniques to make the map more exquisite and aesthetic, and offers a quality user experience

        ? Uses a task management module to achieve digital map generation collaboratively

        ? Provides a “Base-to-Base” auto-transfer mode that supports digital map updating

        ? Adopts parallel processing technology to achieve high speed map slicing

        Technique Features:

        ? Entity data are processed in different themes

        Responding to entity data characteristics, the system adopts a sub-theme operation mode to support batch entity building, which greatly improves production efficiency.

        ? Collaborative production mode

        Achieves collaborative digital map generation aided by the supporting task management module.

        ? Smart mapping with rule-base support

        Based on specific rules, the system solves symbol configuration issues, label dodging and overlapping relations.

        ? “Base-to-Base” model

        The software supports rapid conversion from fundamental geographic information databases to public frame databases, and also supports digital map updates.

        ? Professional map publishing and editing

        Adopting professional map publishing techniques, the software provides convenient editing tools to ensure output quality.

        ? Parallel slicing with distributed and multi-task technologies

        Adopting parallel processing technology achieves high speed map slicing.

        ? Digital map generation using massive image data

        The built in grid computing platform makes this software suitable for large scale tile generation through the integration of various resources, including network communications, computing, storage and manpower.

        GEOWAY eMapper has been successfully applied to the national master node of TIANDITU system. As an essential component, it also has been widely used in the construction of provincial nodes and city bases

        ? TIANDITU master node includes 143 hotspot cities worldwide.

        ? TIANDITU provincial nodes:Heilongjiang,Guangdong,Xinjiang,Hunan, andJiangxi, etc.

        ? TIANDITU city nodes: Yichun city ofHeilongjiangprovince, Dongguan city ofGuangzhouprovince,Jinancity ofShandongprovince, andQingdaocity ofShandongprovince, etc.

        ? Construction of the digital map system forGuangdongprovince.

        ? Generation of the Digital map, Digital Beijing.

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