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      GEOWAY ImageDB

      GEOWAY  ImageDB(Image Database Management System) makes integrated management and distribution of multi-source and massive data as its primary purpose. The system meets the requirements for both image production and sharing services.Focusing on database and distributed storage technologies, IMS permits the integrated management and application of multi-sensor, multi-platform and multi-temporal remote sensing imagery.

        ImageDB integrates various techniques, including image processing, hierarchical storage management, and image-based modeling. It meets the processing demands of massive image results, including integrated database establishment; catalogue organization; querying and browsing; fast download; statistical analysis; storage backup; and information distribution and sharing. ImageDB guarantees the generation and distribution of imagery data. This system has been widely used in fundamental surveying and mapping, land resource management, urban construction, environmental protection, and disaster relief, as well as in other related fields.
        Supports database building rapidly for various image

        (1) Unattended warehousing: supports image archiving and warehousing for operational data through user-defined rules with automatic data quality checking

        (2) Auto-scan warehousing: builds databases for historical images rapidly without transferring data

        Full-range quality control for image data building

        (1) Comprehensive checks for data integrity and product quality before loading data, and perform secondary check for product quality after loading data

        (2) Flexible and reliable ability of image quality checking, meeting the demand for quality check of mapping, land, water and other fields

        Follow the business needs, combining image generation, management and sharing seamlessly

        (1) Provides standardized data accessing interface, which enable direct access to image data for image processing systems and remote sensing interpretation system

        (2) Offers the integrated acquisition and management for multi-source control point images, and enhances the production capacity of the emergency images quickly

        (3) Intelligent access various aerial triangulation products, achieve rapid extraction of image control points, and support the reuse of the control points in image production

        Images distribution based on network

        (1) Provide different image dataset catalog and metadata information to different users

        (2) Enables various operations in web environment, such as indexing, browsing, downloading and other related operations

        ? Based on the image modeling technology,  ImageDB supports the lifecycle of database building and management, from multi-source images to standard products and thematic products.

        ? Efficient hybrid indexing and multi-thread techniques were used to achieve fast query for massive image. Built-in efficient index algorithm enables automatic sifting full coverage of image data in specific region according to the features of remote sensing processing and interpretation.

        ? Compatibles with many shared file systems, including SAM, NAS, DAS, etc. It also supports high-performance database cluster, multiple database nodes, distributed storage and unified scheduling.

        ? Realization of online, nearline and offline management on the storage level. It also supports data migration and automatic callback according to the specific rules.

        ? The second national land survey database system

        ? The synthetic information database for state natural resource and geospatial information database

        ? Applications - database management subsystem for ZY-3

        ? Database management system for HJ-1 and GF-1

        ? Remote Sensing Image Database System for Beijing

        ? Image Control Point database management fast correction system for Shanxi province

        ? Image Database Management System for image control points

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