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      Geoway Storm

      GEOWAY Storm is a large-scale geospatial data production system developed on a integrated remote sensing image processing platform adopting GIS, CAD and various related IT technologies. GEOWAY Storm is used to upgrade traditional production lines and for constructing remote sensing satellite application systems.

        Provides software-hardware integrated high performance computing environments characterized by cross-platform, scalable, programmable features

        Supports integrated modes for centralized computing and distribution

        Covers the whole life cycle of multi-source remote sensing data processing and supports a variety of product outputs

        Conducts strict quality control and checking mechanisms oriented to output

        The GEOWAY Storm platform is suitable for processing many kinds of remote sensing images. Starting from raw data, the platform can generate output at different levels, including terrain data, orthophoto map and 3D products. The platform contains complete functions for processing multi-source remote sensing images. Plus, extended application tasks can be integrated into the platform. 

      Provider of geospatial information technology Chinese leading

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