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      GEOWAY Checker

      GEOWAY Checker (Quality Control Software) is a set of products based on mature data processing technology, providing solutions for quality checks and the evaluation of spatial data. It is applicable to intermediate data and output data. In addition to providing a comprehensive and reliable data checking mechanism, it also provides an automatic, efficient and stable approach to ensure the quality control of output data. The accuracy and consistency of output data is safeguarded. At the same time checking and acceptance efficiency is improved.

        Fundamental Geospatial Data Quality Check

        Oriented by quality check task and driven by quality check scheme, GEOWAY Checker delivers automatic, convenient, and interactive checking solutions for various data, such as DLG,DEM and DOM, at different scales. The check includes spatial reference systems, positional accuracy, attribute accuracy, completeness, logical consistency and image quality.

        Geographical Conditions Census Data Quality Check

        The software can be applied to check the quality of geographical conditions census data, including image data, land cover classification data, feature data, refined DEM data, interpretation sample data, statistical analysis data and metadata.

        Entity Data and Electronic Map DataCheck

        GEOWAY Checker can be used to check the quality of entity data and electronic map data, to meet specific user requirements.

        Based on the flexible scheme design mode of rule and model , GEOWAY Checker delivers a set of tools to meet the requirements of a variety of data checks.

        Based on the basic elements, such as point, line, surface, annotation and attributes, the check system establishes general check rules. The rules can be used by clients directly by setting the model parameters.

        On the basis of check scheme with GEOWAY Checker users can establish automatic、batch check tasks for efficient data quality checks
        The check scheme is a unified carrier for quality control of all items in batched data.

        Unified managemen、quality evaluation, archiving and back of the check results based on the quality database to establish check tasks flow
        Quality database establishment supports checking tasks and information storage, allowing query,statistics,output and evaluation of the check results.

        Provide complete, comprehensive quality check rules and models based on the quality elements

        Data quality can be guaranteed in terms of spatial reference check, positional accuracy, attribute accuracy, completeness, logical consistency, image quality, characterization, attachments and other attributes.

        Scheme Design

        GEOWAY Checker can be used to design and modify the check scheme and evaluation model. The check item design instantiates external parameters of the check model. The check scheme and evaluation model also can be designed by setting the evaluation type for the check items.

        Automatic Check

        Automatic check is the core function module of quality check software, which bases on rules to carry out automatic,efficient,data batch checks.The rule base store priori parameters and knowledge in the form of rules, and artificial intelligence technology completes a part of the check tasks.

        Interactive Check

        For content that is hard to check automatically, the software provides computer-assisted and convenient interactive check, and error identification tools to quickly identify error location and position through rational business flow organization.

        Results Display

        GEOWAY Checker provides view and confirmation for check results and error messages. This module includes result input, error display, error location, error confirmation. The error results can be imported to a visual environment to facilitate error inquiry, positioning and judgment, and also aids confirmation and deletion the check records using tools provided by the system.

        Quality Evaluation

        This module offers a variety of statistical methods,such as error statistic by sheet, classification statistic by check type, and misclassification statistics. The software can qualitative and quantitative evaluate the results, according to the settings of the quality evaluation model and the settings for statistics results.

        Result Output

        This module can output the error record, error statistics and evaluation results. Error records can be exported graphically in order to modify the error in edit environment. Error statistics and evaluation results can be exported as document to create pie charts, and histograms.

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