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      GEOWAY for UAV

      GEOWAY for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data processing systems, can process imagery generated from various unmanned aircrafts. It provides the whole set of solutions for flight data quality checking, distortion correction, aerial triangulation, fast image mosaicking, and multiple data product generation (such as DSM/DEM, DOM and DLG).

        Supports various data source

        Supports multiple UAV cameras, such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, and other UAVs.

        Adaptable for images with large angles and weak textures.

        Provides full-range product solutions

        Provides a whole set of solutions from flight data quality checking, distortion correction and multiple data products generation.

        Supports multiple data outputs, such as panorama, coarse and fine DOM products.

        Supports various processing modes, such as the routine mode and emergency mode.

        Offers strong capacity for emergency response

        Supports fast aerial triangulation and POS-only adjustment, saveingthe time of field work.

        Supports fast aerial triangulation and POS-only adjustments, saving time in the field.

        Implements fast image mosaicking techniques to generate a panorama image of a survey area in a short time. Decreases manual work through automatic image processing .

        Supports parallel processing on multi-core computers. Supports parallel processing on multi-core computer.

        Flight data quality checking

        Quickly checks the issues of images hole, overlap and rotating angle.
        Quickly view the images of designated area.

        Distortion correction

        Supports a variety of distortion correction models, lowering distortion effects to the maximumxtent.              Implements airborne calibration techniques to detect distortion parameters intelligently

        Fast Mosaicking

        Generates panorama images based on multiple original aerial images
                Offers a variety of technical solutions to support onsite and indoor processing

        Aerial triangulation

        Fewer restrictions on POS data and accuracy
        High matching rate for weak texture areas and large rotary angle images
        Better than one pixel tie-point accuracy
        Supports automatic aerial triangulation, optimizes and integrates image matching, gross error exclusion, and adjustment.

        Terrain products generation

        Shows fine topographical information with dense and semi-global matching error exclusion techniques.
        Removes buildings, vegetation, and other surface features through intelligent filtering techniques.
        Meets user needs at different levels of production with integrated 2D-3D terrain editing tools.
        Generates contours in real time.

        DOM products generation

        Provides a workflow for DOM generation to meet user requirements for fast and automatic image processing
        Implements our unique image dodging and logical image mosaicking techniques.
        Supports a collaborative editing mode for seam lines in the web environment.

        DLG products generation

        Integration of data collecting and editing
        Integration of field and indoor work
        Database and mapping integration

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