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      GEOWAY Celebrates the New Year with All the Staff

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      Like the spring festival to Mainland China, the new year’s gala has always been a very important tradition for the GEOWAY family. In the year 2013’s get-together, all the staff makes a beautiful wish to GEOWAY by the shows and performances written, directed and played by themselves.

      Red silk dance "Happy New Year"

      Aerobics "Youth"

      Comedy "Laugh and Cry"

      Comedy "Zhenhuan and Huafei"

      "Good Voice of GEOWAY"

      "Good Voice of GEOWAY"

      Musical dance "Fly Higher"

      Audience enjoying themselves at the gala

       Excellent union members getting awarded

      President Mr. Zhang Yang drawing and giving special award

      Lucrative Prizes

      Provider of geospatial information technology Chinese leading

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