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      GEOWAY Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary

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      GEOWAY 14th  Anniversary was held at Wanshang Plaza on July 13th. Over three hundred GEOWAY personnel gathered together to celebrate the company's annual event.
      President Mr. Yang Zhang expressed his good wishes in the opening remarks, pointing out that the whole competitive advantages of GEOWAY have been and will continuously be embodied in its product, market occupation, core team, enterprise culture and innovation abilities along with the prosperity of the industrial development, encouraging the staff to pursue the spirit of "innovation, excellence, nobility" impelled the growth of GEOWAY during their daily work. 
      Later in his report for the company's annual work titled "To develop in step with the industry", he highlighted the importance of harmony with the whole industry and of resource integration and structural adjustment for a bright future.
      Still in the ceremony, all GEOWAY people reviewed the milestones and achievements in the domains of high-tech research, application and industrialization promotions and international cooperation which have been done in the past year and inspiring all members.
      According to the convention, the outstanding staff, excellent team and MVP of the year were unveiled, structure changes and new personnel appointments announced, new staff and trade union activities introduced.
      Finally, the celebration continued with Joyful songs and everybody enjoyed.

      GEOWAY president giving a speech celebrating the company's 14th Anniversary

      Giving prizes to award the Year's outstanding staffs

      GEOWAY President awarding the year's MVP

      GEOWAY shareholders cutting the cake

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