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      Company Profile

      GEOWAY is the leading provider of geomatic solutions in China, with a long history of research and development in the areas of multi-source remote sensing image processing and integrated geospatial information services. Excellent in software development, system integration, data processing and information services, and integrated business applications, GEOWAY's line of products include GIS, image processing and digital photogrammetry software, as well as core technologies of image matching and map production, providing solutions to urban, land and other important areas.

      Relying on the independent core products and integration technology, GEOWAY provides complete geospatial data factory (GDF) and Data Center (GDC) solutions for many high-quality, stable and professional customers in satellite applications, resource investigations and e-governments in the era of big data and cloud computing.Over more than ten years, GEOWAY has always been focusing on the independent innovation and resources integration, continuously to strengthen the core competitiveness, and expand the market occupation. Around the development strategy of "Specialization, Industrialization and Internationalization", GEOWAY is creating himself into the world leading geomatic brands.


      GEOWAY's culture, resulting from the behavior of company leaders and employees, exists in the company and penetrates into every corner where every employee can find his behavior standard and direction.

      The Company Company Philosophy Mission Strategies
      business ideas Values Three Demands Opinions
      The Company
      Rooting in Data, and mastered in Data – GEOWAY
      · Developing from surveying and mapping, GEOWAY has deep understanding of spatial information and unique comprehension of spatial data processing technology
      · Spatial Data is the core competence of GEOWAY
      Company Philosophy
      · To Analyze Spatial Principles—Geoway is absorbed in research of spatial information technology
      · To Lead Geographic Way—Geoway is ambitious to lead the development of geographic information industry
      To boost space information industrial development using GEOWAY's leading technology and professional services
      To take Data as core competence, to develop by professional way
      Business Idea
      Fine Management and Scale Operation
      Product inherits developer's characteristics
      GEOWAY product, no matter it is software, project or service, accumulates the efforts and reveals the personal value of each employee.
      Products style is like personal characteristic; there is no shortcut but daily build-up to form a bright and noble characteristic.
      The quality of products is vital to the company.
      Increase the worth of product
      · To make the usage value of our products higher than its price, mine and meet the potential needs of customers, improve the added value of products and exceed the expectation of customers
      · To keep on going beyond ourselves, improve management and working efficiency and keep on improving the product quality and quality management system
      · To make customer successful is our target.
      Products inherits its developer's characteristics & Increase the worth of product
      Three Demands
      · Orientation - be aware of the orientation of oneself in his department, his department in the company and the company in the industry
      · Self-study - Mastering the method of Self-studying makes one successful
      · Innovation - Driven by enthusiasm, innovation is a kind of spirit. The impulse of making change is the prelude of innovation. Simple repetition and copy & paste are disapproved in GEOWAY.
      · Regardless of the scale of an enterprise, the most important thing is to define its orientation and make its decision according to its ability.
      · Regardless of the speed of development, the most important thing is moving forward towards its target steadily.
      Enterprise is a responsibility
      On one hand, as "Business Enterprise Citizen", one enterprise should be aware of and undertake its social responsibility, which is the symbol of a mature enterprise; on the other hand, enterprise social responsibility should be taken by every member, which is the standard of the qualified profession.
      Software is a kind of Spirit
      The great wall in the cyber world is built by intelligence, and the survival rule of the information era is “Winner takes all”.

      Provider of geospatial information technology Chinese leading

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